We, at Momente, have only one task. To ensure that this special day lives up to your expectation. We promise the months and days before will be stress-free when we provide you with a professional planning experience that streamlines the arduous process every step of the way. We work with families to customize the perfect celebration. At the event, we take care of every minute detail behind the scenes so you can soak in the magnificence of the day, hang with your families & friends and quite simply have the time of your lives.

We understand your emotional needs as well. We are available any time you may want to talk to us - be it about that nagging feeling regarding a particular flower which you think is not right, or when you need a shoulder to cry on. We provide you with that impartial advice when you need it, and also help you deal with those tricky family situations where you struggle to get your word in. We are there throughout the process as your advisor, your friend and many times as part of your family.

We at Momente promise to make your wedding a unique and elegant affair so the wedding remains etched in your memory forever!

Peruse our website and learn more about us, our extensive services and most importantly, hear from our delighted clients, who were so pleased with their planning experience, they were bursting at the seams to tell about it. Then, hesitate no further. Contact us. We are here to ensure your wedding is as glitch-free, fun and fabulous and is etched in your memory for a lifetime!

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