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At Momente, we help you reduce your expenditure by recommending our preferred jewellery vendors. You wouldn't have to spare any thought about the quality. That is always guaranteed. Suddha Goenka and her team is our best bet as far as jewellery needs are concerned. What is most appealing about them is their professionalism, creativity and innovative take on jewellery.

Suddha's has three different ranges of jewellery in her kitty. Each range is unique and complements the personality of her clients. Sudha Goenka range specializes in gold, platinum and diamond jewellery, while brand Atiiv comprises of innovative Jadau jewellery, and the Utsokt range is just ideal for gifting purposes. A Suddha Goenka creation symbolizes elegance and style. No wonder then that the brand is much coveted. All her designs can be customised according to client preferences and budgets.

Suddha Goenka
Sudha Goenka  This brand was started off 25 years ago with her loyal customers always returning   to her for more during this course of time. Her elegant pieces in gold, platinum and diamond have been much loved by women and passed on from generation to generation. Says Suddha Goenka, “Our aim is to create dainty pieces. Each piece is unique and an enormous amount of thought goes into each as we try and create designs that not only stand out, but also add on to the personality of the wearer. It is something everyone aspires to possess. A surge of excitement runs through me every time I see women flaunting my creations and passing on their treasured pieces to their children as heirlooms. For me the smile that lights up my client's face is the ultimate reward!"

Atiiv -

AtiivRedefining Ethnicity…Redefining Womanhood

This range of jewellery has been conceptualised to embody the myriad personalities of the 'woman of today'. A woman who is modern, yet very close to her cultural roots. A woman who knows very well to balance the home and the world – the different facets of her life. The jewellery in this range is a perfect blending of the eternal enigma of traditional hand-crafted jadau and the lush beauty of splendid gemstones, strung together in the most innovative manner.

Every piece reflects an Atiiv woman's strong individuality and is a true expression of her self, her beliefs, her peronality. An extension of her identity.

Utsokt –

UtsoktLavishly Elegant

An assemblage of the timeless beauty of traditional jadau pieces modernized with the rich shades of authentic gemstones and strung together with our master style. And the best part is that all this comes at great affordable prices!

Utsokt Jadau 'tikras' are made in silver and 22k gold coated. They are designed by master craftsmen who give the pieces real jadau finish at the most affordable prices. Our aim is to offer the best to our clients without ever compromising on quality. At Suddha Goenka, we do not just churn out jewellery. We do something exceptional. We create exquisite pieces that our valued customers treasure while others can only desire to have one. It is the wearer's pride and her neighbour's envy.

Should you want to be the proud owner of one such exquisite piece, contact us at Momente and we will put you through Suddha Goenka and her team. You can also contact her directly to book an appointment (mention Momente, and avail of the especially discounts that are only for our clients).

Suddha Goenka and her team is available on any of the following numbers-
+91 98707 70844
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