Shopper Service

Wedding shopping can be an overwhelming exercise especially in India if you don’t live here and don’t know what to expect.

Momente therefore has launched a shopping assistance service, for all our clients based abroad, who plan to visit Mumbai to get their wedding requirements organized. Neha, who has lived in London and New York for over 8 years, realized the value of this service based on the problems and difficulties her friends faced while trying to get their wedding shopping organized.

Shopping in India can vary widely from street shopping, to high street brands, to designer brands to individually designed and tailored outfits to fit all styles and budgets. It can be a very overwhelming task to be able to complete all wedding preparations in your short visit here, but with a little planning, and some help from us, you can definitely make sure that your trip to India is relaxing, fruitful and enjoyable.

Our assistance starts from before you come to Mumbai. We get a detailed understanding of your requirements, tastes and budgets and chalk out an itinerary and start speaking and booking appointments with various vendors before you even touch down. We will guide you over email and phone and fine tune your itinerary so that you can have the best experience possible on your ultimate visit here.

Momente understands that the needs and resources of each of its clients is different and therefore has initiated 3 different packages which can be further customized per client requirements.

A short description of our packages is as below:-

This is the basic package that includes consultation and a list of suggested options based on your budgets and preferences. This package will include pre-trip consultation over phone and emails to understand your requirements and plan your itinerary accordingly. It will also include a face to face consultation post your arrival in Mumbai, so you can clarify any doubts you have or any questions you have.

This is our most popular package. In addition to the basic package above, this package will include ongoing consultation during your visit here, as and when you need help with anything additional. We will help you out with negotiations etc as and when necessary. In addition, we will help you out with hotel bookings, car rentals and also booking you any entertainments for the duration of the trip. We will also provide you with an area guide of your location, and give you suggestions on where to eat, drink, party close to your hotel. We will be available, throughout your trip to help you out with any queries your might have.

This package, in addition to the premium package above, will provide you with a personal shopper for all or some days of the trip (as requested) who will be with you throughout the process to help and advice as and where necessary.


  1. We can look after the booking of your hotel for you based on your budget and location preferences.
  2. We are able to provide you a chaffer driven car for the duration of your stay or for particular days of your stay.
  3. We will be happy to coordinate entertainment for you during your stay to make your trip more enjoyable.
  4. You can count on our relations with specially selected quality vendors to make sure you are provided quality goods and in time.
  5. Where needed we will step in and negotiate on your behalf so you can be lest assured you will not be taken advantage of.
  6. We provide a wide list of contacts that suit your budget and style for the following:-
    • Invitation cards and other wedding stationery
    • Bridal attire for all functions (Read- made and tailor made)
    • Bridal accessories (Footwear, Bangles, Bindi’s etc)
    • Precious and Semi-precious jewelry (we can get this specially designed to your taste and style if needed)
    • Groom’s attires for all functions
    • Grooms footwear
    • Clothes and accessories for all other members of wedding party
    • Gifts and favors (these can be personalized)
    • Trousseau packing
    • Decoration tit bits (specially personalized items can be created)
    • Puja samagri
    • Any other special requirements you might have
  7. If requested, our shopping specialist can accompany you on particular days of your stay or on all days as well.
  8. Where requested, we can arrange to send our service vendors (photographers, make-up artists, Mehendi artists) abroad for your wedding. Some clients realize that it’s a cheaper option for them to get vendors from India.
  9. As a final touch, we also provide honeymoon services in consultation with an itinerary specialist.