Wedding Planning Services

Momente seeks to make weddings a fantastic affair. In tune with that, we offer a wide range of services relating to wedding planning and execution. Besides wedding, other joyous occasions like milestone birthdays and anniversaries are also our forte. Client satisfaction ranks high on our priority list. Our packages are completely customizable to include any services that you may want.

Our services range from 'only-on-the-day management' (to ensure all that you have planned goes smoothly on the D day), to simply consultation to help you formulate a plan to go about your own wedding or also plan and execute the wedding and other functions end to the end. Since it's your day, we are interested to know how you have envisioned this special occasion.

Why not give us a call to meet us for a free, no obligations meeting to discuss more about our services. We are happy to provide you any advice that you need in that meeting.

Our service range from :

Wedding Day - We co ordinate all the arrangements made to ensure the wedding day runs smoothly, so that you can enjoy the day with your closest family and friends while we worry about the finer details.

Wedding Day & Consulting - In addition to the above, we also help you formulate a plan for the wedding events and advice on vendor management & budgeting.

The Signature Package - We take care of every detail for your wedding while you get to make the final decisions and enjoy, stress-free, the whole wedding planning process.

The services listed below will give you a brief idea of a few services that Momente can provide.